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Adrianne Pope is a violinist and artist based in Los Angeles. As a chamber musician and promoter of new music, she is a member of the Grammy-nominated new music collective Wild Up and a founding member of Aperture Duo with violist Linnea Powell. In addition to her chamber music projects, Adrianne spends her time recording for film and television, playing with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra as a tenured section violinist, and teaching.

Adrianne holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Boston Conservatory, and Master’s degrees in Violin Performance and Chamber Music from the University of Michigan.  Her primary teachers include Andrew Jennings of the Concord String Quartet, Yehonatan Berick of the Los Angeles Piano Quartet, and Sharan Leventhal of the Gramercy trio.

In addition to performing, Adrianne enjoys making animations, tap dancing, bodysurfing, working with textiles, and gardening.

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